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Space Master 2nd Ed.

Produkttyp: Grundregeln ¸ Box für [Space Master]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Iron Crown Enterprises [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1988

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The Space Master System is useable in a variety of SF environments¸ from a black near future of post-holocaust Earth¸ to a culture of high-tech exploration¸ to a distant time where civilization has fallen to superstitious ruin.
Choose from 17 professions¸ including Armsman¸ Planetologists¸ Telepaths¸ Starship Pilots¸ or Engineering Specialists. There are dozens of sub-professions¸ yet all are flexible¸ eliminating artificial restrictions. Over 120 skills and a rich selection of background options allow each character to be a complex¸ multi-talented individual. The sophisticated rules are set out in a lucid¸ understandable format.
* Natural Laws: Generation Rules for Solar Systems¸ Planets¸ Cultures¸ Businesses¸ and Scenarios.
* Imperial Laws: Access a. wealth of information about a Terran Empire 9¸000 years in the future¸ dominated by man and his mutated descendants. The Imperial government is detailed¸ including the Vega Police¸ the Imperial Intelligence Directorate¸ and Megacorporate Royal Houses. There are sinister agencies¸ cults which cloak technology in a ritual of superstition¸ and high-tech organizations both legal and criminal.
* A Complete Starting Adventure.
* Character Generation: Details on 17 Professions and over 120 skills¸ embracing concepts such as Cybernetics¸ Subduing¸ Sensor Analysis¸ Xeno Medicine¸ and Hyperspace Piloting.
* Personal Combat:.Fast-paced excitement with realistic combat rules.
* Activity Rules: Maneuver guidelines for characters¸ as well as vehicles ranging from grayscooters to Interstellar hypershuttles.
* Telepathy: More than 500 Psions from 4 different Fields of Telepathy arranged in 24 lists.
* A full-color¸ poster-sized star map detailing the territory of the Terran Empire.
* Personal Weapons: Over 100 weapon types¸ from clubs to Plasma Repeator Rifles. Each does a unique type of damage¸ with individualized criticals.
* Armor: 20 types to personal armor with dozens of variations.
* Equipment: Survival gear¸ medical equipment¸ multiscanners¸ and portable power supplies. One of the most exhaustive compilations of future equipment anywhere.
* Humanoid Constructs: Androids¸ Alterant Replicants¸ and Robots¸ examples of these as well as concise rules for building your own.
* Vehicles: Hypershuttles¸ explorers¸ freighters and alien vessels. A variety of different ships¸ many with detailed technical illustrations.

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