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Rivendell: The House of Elrond

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Buch mit 34 Seiten für [Middleearth] / Mittelerde

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Iron Crown Enterprises [HP]

Preis: unbekannt

Erstveröffentlichung: 1987

Rezension: keine vorhanden

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This adventure supplement details the hidden vale of Imladris¸ where the remnants of the greatest Elven realm of Middle-earth resides. Experience the wonders of Elronds House¸ haven for the Eldar and the last Kings of Arnor. Here are headquartered the Rangers¸ and here are protected the heirlooms of Arnor. Rivendell is also the meeting place of the White Council¸ that body of the wise that seeks to combat Sauron¸ the Dark Lord.
Rivendell is truly an island of refuge in the otherwise inhospitable landscape of Rhudaur. Here the weary traveller can find safe haven from the grip of the Witch-king and his minions. Protected on the north and east by tall spurs of the Misty Mountains¸ and on the west and south by the river Branduin¸ the vale has formidable defenses. These are certainly not enough to have kept it sheltered for so long from the spies of the Dark Lord¸ however: only by the power of Elrond is the Hidden Vale made safe.
RIVENDELL features:
4 FULL-COLOR PAGES: showing the Northern Hollin and Southeast Rhudaur regions¸ as well as 2 area maps of the Rivendell Valley.
MAJOR LAYOUTS: detailing the House of Elrond¸ including the Hall of Fire and the Council chambers.
GAME STATISTICS: on Elrond¸ Glorfindel¸ the powerful Elven-ring Vilya¸ and many Elves of Rivendell.
CULTURAL INFORMATION: on the other inhabitants of Rhudaur: the Hillmen¸ Dunedain¸ and Dunlendings.

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