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Cloud Captains of Mars & Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Buch mit 148 Seiten für [Space 1889]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Heliograph [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1989/1998

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Conklin’s Atlas supplies vital information¸ for player and referee alike¸ to broaden the horizons of adventure throughout the Solar System.
An informative timeline covers 1879 to 1889¸ putting political developments¸ scientific achievements¸ and important inventions in historical context. Mercurys temperate Twilight Zone is completely covered¸ with encounter charts¸ animal descriptions¸ rare finds¸ and rules for travel down the World River. Twenty pages of maps and essays on Venus part the veil of mystery covering this fog-shrouded¸ jungle planet.
Detailed maps and descriptions of the land of the Moon Men and the vast underground rivers and seas at the bottom of Lunas Great Canyon are included. Maps and essays descibe the cultures¸ languages¸ and treasures of Mars (where exactly does liftwood grow?). Color maps cover the Belgian Coprates and the hundreds of miles of meandering bayous and marshes east of Crocea on the frontier of the Oenotrian Empire.
The extensive section on Earth provides needed background on its geography in 1889¸ as well as the political intrigues and rivalries that spark many adventures. Particular attention is paid to Africa¸ with maps¸ essays¸ encounter tables¸ stock NPC descriptions¸ and animal statistics providing everything needed to ran safaris into the interior. Mysteries of Africa - the Lost City of the Romans¸ King Solomons Mines¸ the Elephant Graveyard - are also covered.
In addition¸ this module contains a brief rules section on combat between aquatic vessels¸ as well as rules for the creation of Martian city-states¸ from population through government¸ economy¸ the armed forces¸ and even down to local corruption. Conklins is an indispensable guide book to adventure in Space: 1889.

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