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Sky Galleons of Mars & Cloudships and Gunboats

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Buch für [Space 1889]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Heliograph [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1989/2000

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Sky Galleons of Mars is a fast-playing and engrossing game of aerial combat in the Martian skies between the wooden cloud-fleets of the Martian princes and the steel aerial gunboats of Queen Victorias Royal Navy. Detailed model-quality plastic playing pieces add to the enjoyment of the basic game. Once the basic scenarios are mastered¸ players can go on to design their own galleons and gunboats¸ and play out continuing aerial campaigns.
The rules cover movement¸ altitude¸ gunnery¸ damage¸ ramming¸ boarding parties¸ and other aspects of battle between aerial Fleets. Also included in Sky Galleons of Mars is extensive background information on the universe of Space: 1889¸ its history¸ politics¸ and science. Space: 1889 is an entrancing universe of the familiar and jarringly
unfamiliar. It is a universe of colonial adventurers of the Victorian Era who are seeking their fortune¸ exploring the unknown¸ and pushing back the frontiers of a world-spanning empire.
* Game Rules Book (40 pages)
* Introduction to Space: 1889 (16 pages)
* Ship Form Book (16 pages)
* Two Reference Folders
* 15 model-quality¸ plastic Sky Galleons and Aerial Gunboats.
* Two giant maps (Aerial Views: Kraag Barrovaar & Shastapsh)
* 64 counters
The magic of liftwood makes aerial transportation possible: on the cloudships of Mars and the aerial gunboats of Earth. These craft drift with the winds¸ and with the addition on steam power¸ drive against them. They are working a revolution in transportation¸ military operations¸ and even piracy on Earth and on Mars.
Enhance your Space: 1889 adventures with Cloudships and Gunboats: Detailed deck plans¸ construction rules¸ and standup adventurers help you resolve any negotiation¸ battle¸ or encounter within the Space: 1889 role-playing system.
You must have Space: 1889 for the best use of this module.
* Rules Manual: Ship design rules and data. Aerial navies of Japan¸ Russia¸ France¸ Germany¸ Belgium¸ the United States¸ and Britain. (48 pages)
* Ship Record Forms Booklet.
* 6 Detailed deck plan sheets. Complete full-scale 25mm deck plans.
* 66 Color 25mm standup characters. British officers¸ adventurers¸ Martians¸ crewmen¸ and brigands.
* Plastic stands for character counters.
Sky Galleons of Mars [BOX SET]:

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