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Devil's Horsemen

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Verlag: GMT Games Inc.

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The Great Battles of History series is back with The Devil´s Horsemen¸ an examination of the military tactics of steppe tribe warfare¸ as immortalized by the mighty armies of Genghis Khan and the Mongols. The game focuses on cavalry and archery action¸ featuring mounted archers of exceptional skill. The Devil´s Horsemen depicts the four major battles of the era - The Indus¸ The Kalka¸ Liegnitz and Ayn Jalut.The Devil´s Horsemen features basic rules for both regular and SimpleGBoH play. The rules bring the system into full flower of mounted archery¸ with a detailed¸ augmented set of archery and cavalry mechanics that include various types of Shower Fire (as opposed to plain Volley Fire)¸ Impetuosity and Aggression¸ Feigned Retreat¸ Harass and Disperse tactics¸ and Rally to Standards¸ with the various armies and units being rated for their ability to use these.The Devil´s Horsemen presens a truly colorful array of armies for you to lead into battle: there are 10 full tumen (divisions) of Mongols¸ plus Polovtsians¸ Galicians¸ Chernigovians¸ Kievans¸ Persian Khwarazmians¸ Poles¸ Silesians¸ Bohemians¸ the great Teutonic Knights¸ and the first army to ever significantly defeat the Mongols¸ The Mamluks.

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