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The Burning Blue

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: GMT Games Inc.

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The Burning Blue is a board wargame that recreates the savage air battles over Southern England from July to December 1940.Covering air operations from the fighting over the English Channel to the air assault on London and the fighter-bomber offensive at the end of the year¸ The Burning Blue simulates battles between German air power and the British air defence system. It recreates the minute-by-minute ´´plotting board´´ war between Royal Air Force fighter controllers and the Luftwaffe air raids.The game features Chain Home radar¸ Observer Corps¸ radio-telephony¸ Ack-Ack¸ balloon barrages¸ the Duxford ´´Big Wing´´¸ the Italian Air Expeditionary Force and Erprobungsgruppe 210.Based on original archive research and with the help of pilot veterans of the actual Battle of Britain¸ The Burning Blue models this famous conflict in unprecedented detail.Playable and exciting¸ The Burning Blue provides new insights into this turning point battle of World War Two.Five scenarios cover the major phases of the Battle of Britain:Opening Battle¸ 10 July - 11 August 1940. The kanalkampf ? the Luftwaffe´s raids on Channel shipping.Leg Before Wicket¸ 12-18 August 1940. Eagle Day and the great raids of 15 and 18 August.Bodyline¸ 19 August - 6 September 1940. The attacks on Fighter Command´s Airfields.Knock ´em for Six¸ 7-30 September 1940. The climactic massed raids on London.Owzat!¸ 1 October - December 1940. The ´Jabo´ fighter-bomber attacks¸ the Italians¸ and the end of the battle.In addition¸ there is an Introductory Scenario and a Quick Start Scenario to help players get into the game quickly.

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