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Dungeon Crawl Classics 55: Isle of the Sea Drake

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2008

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Death stalks the Isles! All through the Known World¸ the stories are told again and again¸ by pirate captains and boasting merchant lords: a ferocious sea monster is stalking the trade lanes¸ and no vessel is safe. The call goes out for a band of heroes willing to dare the impossible: to slay a leviathan of the murky deeps. Are you and your companions the heroes that can bring back the head of the sea dragon? Or will you perish like those before you¸ adrift on the unforgiving sea? An adventure of exploration¸ courage and cunning¸ Isle of the Sea Drake will challenge characters with savage natives¸ the walking dead¸ gold-crazed pirates¸ a sea dragon¸ and an ancient mystery from beyond the stars. When heroes dare the sea dragon¸ only the most courageous will survive! An introductory adventure designed specifically for characters levels 1st through 3rd¸ Isle of the Sea Drake will challenge new and old players alike. Compatible with the latest edition of the world's most popular role playing game¸ and including a full color campaign map¸ this stand-alone¸ world-neutral adventure can also be used to launch a campaign in the epic fantasy world of Áereth.

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