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Hero's Handbook: Eladrin

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The bright mirror of the fey world has long fascinated mortals. A place of impossibly tall snowcapped mountains¸ where living mists dance among the twilit boles and still dark pools reflect thousands of stars in strange constellations¸ the unknown lands of the fey are as beautiful as its folk are deadly. Unknown until now. Herein you will find the Four Courts of the Fey¸ learn legends of their timeless magic¸ travel to their greatest cities¸ and hear tales of their ancient histories. For whether participating in their famed revels¸ taking part in their dread hunts¸ or beseeching their four courts¸ no hero treads lightly in the realms of the eladrin. Rich with culture¸ new magic items¸ monsters and character options¸ Hero's Handbook: Eladrin is the essential eladrin player's resource. Second in a complete line of PC aids¸ each brings character¸ history and new depth to your player character.

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