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Points of Light II: The Sunrise Sea

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Points of Light II: The Sunrise Sea continues the Points of Light series with four new settings¸ each extensively detailed and mapped. Each new setting is ideal for novices launching their first campaign¸ or veteran GMs looking to challenge their players with the exploration of a new world. · The Golden Shores: A land in the midst of being colonized¸ where adventurers can encounter unknown cultures¸ old enemies¸ and battle a darkness that has haunted the land for millennia. · Amacui: A frontier land with only a single trading post representing the civilized world¸ and many ruins to explore and new civilizations to discover. · The Misty Isle: The greatest threat to exploration is not the natives or 'things man is not meant to know¸' but enemies from the old world. Here in the Misty Isles¸ enemies from different realms and factions fight amid the jungles and islands. · Mazatl¸ the Realm of the Bat God: Rising from the vast Jungles of Zaracar is a massive shield volcano. Here the blood god¸ Azartac¸ lives in the city of Mazatl in the volcano's caldera. Four new worlds await exploration by the brave and the resourceful. Do your characters have the skill and fortitude to adventure in these undiscovered lands?

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