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It?s the year 1918¸ and being part of the Russian nobility shortly after the revolution is no picnic. The Bolsheviks have confiscated your land and belongings¸ you risk ending up facing a firing squad for being an enemy of the state¸ and your fancy title is no more than an insult to most common people. There are a few upsides¸ though. Your noble friends in misery are now more than willing to try your own favorite version of the nation?s number one roulette game¸ and life couldn?t possibly get any worse.At least not for a short while?Kablamo is a fast-paced board game of Russian roulette¸ where a good memory¸ improvisation skills and a keen sense of humor all come in handy. The object of the game is to be the last man standing. Every player has a revolver loaded with six bullets lying in front of them. The bullets lie face down and may not be looked at once loaded into the revolver¸ forcing players to memorize everything. Each turn¸ players simultaneously fire one bullet. If a player fires a live bullet -- tough luck¸ that player is out. Fortunately¸ most bullets aren´t live¸ but allow players to use various effects such as Greased Cylinder¸ Trigger Happy and Bolshevik Rules. To survive¸ players must use the effects cleverly and at the right moment. But most important of all¸ they must keep track of the live bullets since they constantly trade places between the chambers of different revolvers. In the end¸ the player who manages to dodge all live bullets and outwit every opponent will be victorious.

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