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Air Strike: Modern Air-to-Ground Combat

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Game Designers Workshop*

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1987

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The enemy coastline looms suddenly out of the darkness. An F-111D descends to terrain-following flight. Flying at nearly Mach 1¸ the plane streaks over the countryside¸ too low to be detected by radar. The PAVE TACK infared optics pod searches for a target. Abruptly the sky is filled with tracers as antiaircraft guns fire blindly at the noise of the intruder. Target identified¸ the weapons officer illuminates it with a laser¸ releases the planes laser-guided bombs and turns violently back for the coast. The target goes up in smoke and flame.
Half of the mission is complete. What remains is getting home alive.
* Air Strike expands the proven and successful Air Superiority system to encompass air strikes against targets on the ground. New rules cover: Terrain-following flight¸ air-to-ground attacks (including strafing and bombing)¸ antiaircraft artillery¸ and surface-to-air missiles (SAMs). Air Strike continues Air Superioritys easy-to-learn format. Rules are presented in a programmed structure¸ followed by scenarios demonstrating their use.
* Air Strike provides 32 new aircraft for the Air Superiority system¸ including: the Warthog (A-10s)¸ F-1 5 Strike Eagle¸ Harrier II¸ Alpha Jet¸ SU-25¸ and MIG-27. Six new multi-color maps provide the varied and treacherous terrain over which players must find their targets. Included are 480 counters¸ representing everything from radar sites to the most modern air-defense missile and gun systems in service today. Trucks¸ tanks¸ infantry¸ and other targets are provided as well; but remember¸ on todays battlefield¸ what can be shot at can shoot back.
* Air Strike includes 25 scenarios suitable for solitaire¸ two-player¸ or multi-player play. Ranging from the Mideast to Germany¸ from Afghanistan to Africa¸ these scenarios provide players with a wide variety of complex and interesting situations. Several of these can be played both as solitaire and as multi-player simulations. The briefing booklet helps bring players up to date on the weapons and aircraft included in this game. It is a helpful aid to learning the abilities and limitations of the aircraft and weapons depicted in Air Strike.
Game Components
* 480 die-cut counters
* Six maps
* One rules booklet with aircraft briefings and game scenarios
* One data card booklet
* One set of game charts

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