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Stand & Die: The Battle of Borodino¸ 1941

Produkttyp: Brettspiel ¸ Box für [Gesellschaftsspiele - Strategie]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Game Designers Workshop*

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1991

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GAME SYSTEM: Stand & Die is a big game. It has to be to deliver the sweep and scale of this decisive battle. But it plays quickly¸ enabling tactical situations to develop rapidly¸ keeping the tension level high. The game system is well developed¸ well explained¸ and easy to remember¸ because it makes intuitive sense. This enables players to be commanders¸ not just rules lawyers.
UNIT DIFFERENTIATION: The system is capable of subtle and sophisticated differentiation between units. This is especially apparent in the tanks. Virtually every type of tank available in 1941 on both sides was present at Borodino. The Soviets¸ for example¸ have everything from big T-34s down to tiny T-38 amphibious recon tanks. In addition¸ the strengths and weaknesses of the different infantry and artillery units are well illustrated.
FLUID ACTION: Both sides committed a high proportion of mobile forces to the battle. In fact¸ all of the German troops present were either armored or motorized troops¸ while the Soviets threw in three of the five tank brigades available to the whole Western Front. The result is lots of movement and rapidly changing tactical situations.
FURIOUS AIR BATTLES: While the Germans maintained air superiority in most places¸ the Soviets knew the defense of the main highway to Moscow was the critical blocking battle and so committed many of their operational aircraft. Both sides had about 300 combat aircraft in the battle¸ and the game shows the strengths and weaknesses of both sides various planes. A unique mission card system takes administrative worries out of the players hands¸ but puts tactical aircraft right on the game map.
HISTORICAL ACCURACY: Carefully researched from German and Soviet sources which have never been published in the West¸ Stand & Die is an accurate and realistic treatment of this decisive battle.
* Four Full-Color Counter Sheets: Over large (5/8-inch) counters represent all of the historic ground and air forces deployed in the battle.
* Two Large Mounted Maps: Both maps are 19x28 inches and portray the battlefield in startling detail¸ researched from Soviet and German military maps. Each large hex (one inch across) represents 500 meters of actual terrain.
* Complete Game Charts: All combat¸ terrain¸ and movement tables are on one chart¸ for easy reference. Two copies are included¸ one for each player. The four game setup and reinforcement charts are in full color to make location of the correct units easy.
* 16 Aircraft Mission Cards: These specify the number and type of aircraft committed to the battle.
* Status Pad: To record losses and morale¸ a pad of preprinted status forms is included.
* Rules Book: In addition to the game rules¸ the book includes three smaller starting scenarios andextensive background on the two armies which fought the battle¸ including organizational diagrams and most detailed battle history ever published in English.

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