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Command Decision: World War II Miniature Wargaming

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Game Designers Workshop*

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1986

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The essence of modern combined arms operations is movement. Tactical situations change rapidly. Directions of attack are shifted. Reserves are brought forward and committed to get an attack rolling again. It takes a set of rules specifically designed to work at the operational (battalion/regiment) level to capture the operational flavor of mobile warfare. Command Decision is designed with exactly that in mind.
Realism and accuracy are important to a historical miniatures game¸ but the designers job is to isolate the most important aspects of realism. If a game is technically accurate but is very slow-playing¸ it fails to simulate the most important aspect of mobile warfare - speed. Command Decision is designed to be¸ and is¸ played in real time. The tactical situation develops on the gaming table at the same tempo as on the battlefield¸ and you have to make your decisions under the same time constraints as your historical counterpart. No more spending forty-five minutes on a turn which represents one minute of real time!
Command Decision contains everything you need to get started in World War II miniatures gaming except the miniatures. It is designed to be played either with 1:285 micro-scale miniatures¸ 15mm scale¸ or 20mm (HO¸ 1:76¸ 1:72) scale miniatures. The basic rules present a comprehensive but fast-playing system for mobile combined arms ground combat in the decade of the forties. Advanced rules layer on additional considerations such as weather¸ paradrops¸ tank repair¸ resupply¸ and air power.
The national data charts present complete game information on every important weapon system used by the U.S.. Great Britain¸ Germany¸ the Soviet Union¸ and Italy during the war. The organization booklet provides a year-by-year look at the infantry¸ armored and motorized organizations of those belligerents and presents the information in terms of game organizations. As a reference source alone. Command Decision is invaluable.
Most miniatures players enjoy fighting out campaigns¸ but few playable campaign systems have ever been published. Command Decision includes a complete historical campaign¸ the Battle of the Stolberg Corridor¸ fought in September of 1944 on the western front. The campaign booklet includes complete orders of battle for both sides¸ which include both the historic unit identifications and arrival dates as well as their strength and organization in game terms. The forces employed are very manageable. A campaign map shows the terrain over which the battle was fought. Six separate scenarios from the campaign are included¸ each of which makes an interesting table-top battle¸ and campaign rules allow players to refight the entirety of this closely-matched contest.
* One rules book
* One data chart booklet
* One organization booklet
* One campaign booklet
* One rules summary folder
* Four game reference charts
* One sheet of markers

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