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Harpoon: Modern Naval Wargame Rules

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Game Designers Workshop*

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1990

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Harpoon -- in its most recognizable form -- was released in its 3rd edition by GDW¸ designed by Tom Clancy and Larry Bond. GDW scored quite a coup by developing this soon-to-be popular naval wargame in 1987.
A full set contains:
* 180 counters
* Game Rules Book
* Data Annex Book
* Scenario Book
* 2 Player Charts
The era of modern naval warfare began on October 22¸ 1967 - Egyptian missile boats launched three Soviet-made Styx surface-to-surface missiles and sank the Israeli destroyer Elath at a range of nearly twenty miles. The face of naval warfare was changed forever. Harpoon is the pre eminent naval wargame for the modern era. It handles all aspects of maritime combat: surface¸ sub-surface¸ and air. Harpoon is a system of detailed but comprehensible rules covering the many facets of modern naval actions. Consistent rating systems and evaluations of the capabilities of modern naval vessels¸ aircraft¸ submarines¸ and helicopters make it possible to achieve realistic results when simulating known situations; by extension¸ Harpoon also achieves realistic results with hypothetical scenarios. Harpoon can provide answers to questions like -
* Can transatlantic convoys survive in a modem wartime environment?
* In the cat-and-mouse game between a Soviet and a US submarine¸ which one has the advantage?
* Are US carriers powerhouses or sitting ducks?
But Harpoon is more than a detailed simulation of modern naval tactics: it is an award-winning game which provides hours of enjoyment and recreation. Its treatment of modern naval warfare follows in the tradition of Janes pre-dreadnought Naval Wargame of the 1890s and Fletcher Pratts Naval Wargame of the 1940s. For a few hours¸ players command a naval task force cruising the high seas and braving the dangers of modern naval warfare.
Harpoon simulates modern naval warfare. Its rules tell how ships and aircraft move¸ detect enemy contacts¸ and attack them. Weapons inflict realistic effects¸ and proper naval tactics produce accurate and believable results. The die cut counters included in the game make it possible to take this game home and start playing tonight.
Harpoon: The Naval Wargame Series
Harpoon is the basic rules set for the Harpoon Naval Wargame Series. Additional titles in the series will include -
Battles of the Third World War- a collection of naval warfare scenarios.
Convoy -gaming out the problems of crossing the Atlantic under wartime conditions.
Blue Water Navy-a grand strategic boardgame of global naval operations in the Third World War which serves as a scenario generator for Harpoon.
Harpoons rules provide an assortment of modern naval situations to demonstrate the tactics and strategies that win and Ion battles at sea. Each is a lesson in an aspect of naval warfare - submarine encounters¸ ASW operations¸ air-to-air combat¸ and surface actions. Among the scenarios in this game are-
The Hundred Fathom Curve¸ taken from a chapter of bestselling The Hunt for Red October¸ and
Keflavik Turkey Shoot¸ originally used to game out part of the best-selling Red Storm Rising.

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