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The Club (engl.)

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Welcome to The Club! It´s Friday night and lonely hearts are seeking fun (and love). The Club is where people meet under strobe lights on the dance floor. In the glimmer of the disco ball¸ emotions rise and fall and this game definitely won´t end until desires are satisfied. This game is rated PG-13 by the FRED Gaming Association (FGA). Gamers are strongly cautioned that some material in this game may be inappropriate for young gamers under the age of 13 due to mature theme and suggestive content.As new dancers rush onto the dance floor¸ pushed by the players¸ they in turn push other dancers in front of them closer. Now that they are ´´skin to skin´´ (in adjacent squares) they can become a couple if they conform to the ´´Rules of Attraction´´ One player can take only one couple from the dance floor on their turn (unless you are a Rock Star!)Each dancer has 4 visible qualities and one hidden quality (marked on the back of the tile). The visible qualities are gender¸ musical taste¸ appearance and party mood.The more qualities you match¸ the more you score (points that is)!

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