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Milan Spiele
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The creators of DIAM¸ Alain Couchot and Bernard Klein gathered all the necessary ingredients to make this game a real jewel. The name itself sounds like a gem¸ and the octogonal shape is reminiscent of a diamond.This game deserves its success because it´s beautifully crafted (it´s made of wood)¸ the rules are very simple¸ and the game itself is incredibly rich. The goal is to place 2 pieces of the same color on 2 DIAMetrically opposed squares and at the same height.DIAM triggers amazing sensations. It´s very dynamic¸ because at any time you might think you´re about to win. But this simplicity is deceptive : at each move¸ your opponent(s) may discover your plan and strike back. The slightest mistake can be lethal. A revenge match is imperative !

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