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Sword & Sorcery: Creature Collection

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Sword & Sorcery is back for your 4th Edition game! >From the evasive asaathi to the famed mithril golem¸ creatures frightening and wondrous are found throughout the lands of fantasy. Add to your arsenal of dread with more than 180 creatures ready to be dropped into your 4th Edition campaign. Dominated by the captivating dananshee¸ tricked by the crafty coal goblins¸ or paralyzed by the legacies of the slarecians¸ this tome captures the wonder¸ excitement and uncertainty of new encounters and new monstrous foes. Creature Collection for 4th Edition presents favorites from the best-selling d20 series¸ now updated and adapted to be used with the latest version of the world's most popular tabletop roleplaying game. Creature Collection produced by Fiery Dragon Productions Inc.¸ under license from White Wolf Publishing. Creature Collection © 2009 by CCP hf. Creature Collection and Sword & Sorcery are trademarks of CCP hf.¸ all rights reserved.

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