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Counter Collection Digital v3.0

Produkttyp: Brettspiel ¸ CD of Nearly 3¸000 Counter Images für [Gesellschaftsspiele - Brett]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2009

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Counter Collection Digital v.3.0 contains every counter image produced up to December 2008 by artist Claudio Pozas: a massive collection of characters¸ monsters¸ items¸ and more! This is a massive update to the v2.0 counter collection¸ with nearly 3¸000 unique counter images spanning 3rd edition¸ 4th edition¸ Modern [with plenty of supers counters]¸ Ptolus¸ Arcana Evolved and Iron Heroes. The large library of 4th Edition counters include many character counters and all Heroic level monsters from the core book. Also¸ individual folders are provided for counters pertaining to the 4E adventures FR1¸ H1¸ H2¸ H3 and P1. PC Counters for 4E include male and female clerics¸ fighters¸ paladins¸ rangers¸ rogues¸ warlocks¸ warlords and wizards for Dragonborn¸ Dwarf¸ Eladrin¸ Elf¸ Half Elf¸ Halfling¸ Human and Tiefling races. For those still using 3rd edition [not v3.5] - two PDFs are included with the older sizing of that edition. Also included are the token images used for v7.5 of Tunnels & Trolls. PLEASE NOTE: These are individual JPEG images [each counter is in a separate file]. They are not assembled into a PDF¸ you must place the individual counters into your own word processing/page layout program to print them. We have created a set of PDF files that are interactive - by clicking into the empty squares of these PDF's you will receive a prompt to insert an image - pick an image from Counter Collection Digital and it will fill the square - fill out the sheet and print! With the advent of 4th Edition¸ tokens are an important part of the game system - this collection of over 3¸000 images should satisfy the visual needs of the most demanding game masters. Create your own armies¸ on demand¸ from the included JPEG images - why cart around a briefcase of plastic minis that can get lost or broken - assemble and print what you need from this digital collection - in any quantity to create the most epic of visual battles!

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