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Mechwarrior: Guide to Solaris VII

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Drop into the Game World of Solaris VII¸ where ruthless Mafia loansharks and House hostilities are as hazardous as the infamous BattleMech(r) duels. Whether you seek to fight your way to a tournament championship or strike it rich through gambling¸ Solaris has all the diversions you can afford--and all the risks you can"t. The MechWarrior"s Guide to Solaris VII¸ a unique companion to MechWarrior¸ Third Edition¸ provides you with all the material you need to launch your own Solaris campaigns. This volume contains three new MechWarrior affiliations--ComStar¸ Word of Blake and the Chaos March--as well as six additional Life Paths¸ rules for fully integrating "Mech(r) combat into your roleplaying game¸ background information on Solaris VII and a full-length adventure.

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