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What if the world really worked the way it did in the movies? And what if you knew this up front? That's the premise of Hollyworld¸ where everyone's an actor¸ everything's a movie and you can't be killed by an explosion if you are running away from it at the time. Why? It's just the way things are¸ just like it's always possible to fall from a height¸ and children and cute creatures must be rescued. How hard can it be when your character only has two stats (Style and Substance)¸ and getting star billing is more important than actual competence. See? It's just like the real thing. Hollyworld is a simple little .pdf file that will set you back a measely couple bucks¸ though we may have printed copies for sale at conventions. Acting. It's not just a job¸ it's an adventure.

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