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Nocturne is a gameworld unto itself¸ and a setting that can be layered on top of virtually any other campaign¸ modern or otherwise. There is the real world¸ Materia¸ the world beyond life¸ Apocrypha¸ and the world between¸ Nocturne. Nocturne can only be reached through the unconscious¸ and it is a world with it own unique rules¸ unwritten laws¸ heroes and villains. And you cannot always tell the difference between the two. For the Awakening is coming¸ when the three worlds will merge. Some feel it will be the beginning of a new era and seek to bring it about (or exploit it)¸ and others fear that it will be the end of everything and strive to prevent it. Not even the gods know exactly what will happen¸ but that doesn't prevent them from sending agents and avatars from the Apocrypha to Nocturne to further their subtle plans.

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