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NeoTerra. Eight centuries ago¸ the Information Revolution became the Information War. The information won. Perhaps for the best¸ for humanity was well on the way to destroying itself with technological advances that came faster than our ability to integrate them into a stable society. The Net still rules¸ keeping humanity from destroying itself¸ while searching for the means to restore our self-determination. It governs by its absence¸ setting only a few limits on human behavior¸ and watches for the Archetypes of a new humanity. Meanwhile¸ the power of unlimited information and instant manufacturing technology have split humanity into the 'drones'¸ who live in mindless contentment and luxury¸ their every need met by a system that has eliminated the need for work¸ and the minority of 'workers'¸ who seek more out of life than simple existence and crave the possessions and power that the Net has chosen not to make freely available. No police¸ no government¸ no megacorps¸ no safety net. You are what you make of yourself. Nothing more¸ nothing less.

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