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Iron Gauntlets

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Harken back to the days of fantasy adventure. It is an age when heroes ventured where the mass of humankind dared not tread - into a fantastic world of arcane wizards¸ bold warriors¸ powerful kings¸ and fell beasts. The voyages were perilous¸ but the rewards were great. Iron Gauntlets will thrust your heroes into epic swords and sorcery quests. Will they find glory or treachery¸ triumph¸ or an early death?

Still haven't found a fantasy roleplaying system that offers dynamic play¸ while being easy to grasp? Looking to adapt your custom setting to a flexible system? Iron Gauntlets goes back to basics with heroic fantasy roleplaying and helps you create a customized campaign.

Features: * Traditional Fantasy: Elves¸ dwarves¸ orcs¸ dragons¸ skeleton warriors¸ swords¸ treasures¸ magic... They're all here¸ just like you remember. * Versatile System: Powered by the Impresa Modular Roleplaying System™¸ Iron Gauntlets is both easy to learn and easy to play. The rules are simple¸ yet robust¸ and keep the action moving: Roll a number of 10-sided dice based on ability. Each die less than or equal to skill level is a step. The task's difficulty determines how many steps you need to succeed. Apart from some modifiers and variable outcomes (for magic)¸ that's it. Diceless play is also possible when used in conjunction with Active Exploits™ Diceless Roleplaying. * Character Development: Create a wide range of characters¸ from shaman and barbarian warriors to paladins and knights. If you can imagine it¸ you can create it. Unlike most other games¸ experience can have a direct influence on a character's actions: expend experience at will to increase the odds of a task or save it to raise a skill level between game sessions. * Customizable: Create your own special abilities¸ races¸ creatures¸ and even combat and magic styles. Iron Gauntlets provides a foundation with which you can play¸ but it also gives you the freedom and guidance to go beyond. * Versatile Magic: Three forms of magic (crafting¸ divinity¸ and totem) give you the diversity you need so each character wields a different style of magic. Plus¸ the streamlined magic system provides enough flexibility to create your own effects and styles. What you won't find are tons of spells wasting space and forcing you to read information you probably won't use. * Sample Setting Included: Adventure in the Realm of Amherth¸ a setting designed to be familiar yet different¸ with story seeds and two adventures. * Adaptable: Convert your OGL characters with the included OGL conversion notes. * Props Included. A sampling of Disposable Heroes™ paper miniatures and beautifully illustrated¸ full color¸ tiled maps help bring the action to life. 'Iron Gauntlets is an effective and elegant generic fantasy system... The magic system in particular is of interest and the game is worth picking up on the strength of that alone... I think the system is better than Mage because it's simpler and more intuitive... it's quick but effective¸ detailed but clean¸ familiar yet not a carbon copy... would be perfect for more character-driven fantasy roleplaying games or for the conversion of series of novels into games that have not yet been blessed with their own system.' Note: The contents of this product are identical to that of the printed softcover version¸ except that paper miniatures and maps are also included.

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