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There are free rpg's and there are open source rpg's. And then there is EABA. EABA is the result of a lot of thought¸ hard work and grueling playtesting. We wanted to make a system that was realistic¸ heroic¸ fast¸ flexible and all the other buzzwords you've come to expect. It's got plenty of original ideas¸ but we're also not afraid to borrow from some of the best games that have gone before. We wanted a system for the 21st century¸ one that could be entirely Internet-based and computer-friendly. The price? Less than half what a similar game would cost on store shelves. Pocket the difference¸ or use it to buy a couple EABA supplements...

EABA is fully hyperlinked¸ color-coded¸ indexed and organized into 150 pages of role-playing goodness. And if you don't have access to color printer or won't be reading it from a computer screen¸ we've also included a grayscale version optimized for laser printers.

Mechanics-wise¸ EABA is an open-ended d6 system. There is no limit to the number of dice you can theoretically roll (though you're unlikely to ever need more than 8d6). But¸ you only get to keep the best three results¸ which puts an upper limit on the total you can roll.

Even super-powered adventurers can find tasks beyond their reach.

Adventurers are built on points¸ with separate points for skills and the six attributes of Strength¸ Agility¸ Health¸ Awareness¸ Will and Fate. Fate is used for paranormal powers¸ for luck¸ or as an attribute that can be customized for a particular gameworld¸ to represent genre-specific attributes like honor¸ sanity and so on. A detailed powers section lets you create individual or global power frameworks¸ from traditional magic¸ to psionics¸ superpowers¸ gadget-meisters or anything else you can imagine.

In terms of scale¸ EABA covers everything from normal people up to superheroes of significant power. A level of 6 is about average for Strength¸ which is a lifting capacity of 50 kilograms and does a kicking damage of 2d6 (1d6 per 3 points of Strength). Each 3 points doubles the effect of an attribute¸ so a Strength of 21 would be able to lift 1600 kilograms and do a kicking damage of 7d6.

EABA is heroic in scale¸ but still realistic. Easy to learn¸ advanced enough for the most experienced gamemaster. We promise a lot¸ and we think EABA delivers on those promises.

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