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World of WarCraft: Shadow of War (Exp.)

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Verlag: Fantasy Flight Games [HP]

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From the day that the Horde set foot on Azeroth¸ the world has not known peace. The Horde and the Alliance have battled for generations¸ and the Third War brought them a new enemy¸ more terrible than they could have imagined. Now¸ throughout what once was Lordaeron and its allied kingdoms¸ heroes of Horde and Alliance alike struggle valiantly in the Shadow of War.Shadow of War is a card expansion for World of Warcraft the Board Game. It contains new rules¸ new options¸ and new ways to customize your gameplay. Its features include:Ten new talents and ten new powers for all nine playable classes!New Blue Quests¸ which focus on the independant blue monsters.Destiny cards¸ unfolding the sweeping epic that is your adventure in Azeroth!Nearly 200 new item cards!

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