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Inkognito: The Card Game

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Fantasy Flight Games [HP]

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It is Carnival in Venice¸ and you are seeking your partner¸ one of three other world-famous secret agents. Your mission is to make contact with that agent and trade information that will allow the two of you to break into a safe containing the last known whereabouts of a mysterious figure known only as ´´the Grand Old Man.´´ But beware¸ for another team of agents has been sent to Venice as well¸ to steal the figure before you¸ and one mistake could cost you your life.In Inkognito: The Card Game¸ each player is assigned the role of one of four secret agents: Lord Fiddlebottom¸ Colonel Bubble¸ Agent X¸ or Madame Zsa Zsa¸ and must deduce who the other players are by arranging meetings with them to share tidbits of information. The players may also meet up with ´´the Ambassador´´ to gain valuable knowledge about the other spies. The first player to deduce the identities of the other agents and meet up with thier partner wins the game.Inkognito: The Card Game is a deductive card game of secrets¸ lies¸ and investigation for 2-5 players¸ playable in 20-30 minutes.

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