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War of the Ring - Battles of the Third Age (Erw.)

Produkttyp: Brettspiel ¸ Box für [Lord of the Rings]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Fantasy Flight Games [HP]

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Battles of the War of the RingBattles of the Third Age is coming soon¸ and it´s time to see some of the rules. What you´re about to read is the first part of the ´´Battles of the War of the Ring´´ rulebook¸ a new gameplay experience included in the Battles of the Third Age expansion. Stay tuned for the second part of these scenario rules as well as the ´´Twilight of the Third Age´´ rulebook¸ which details how the expansion adds to the base War of the Ring game.From the land of Mordor¸ the dark lord Sauron seeks to conquer Middle Earth and its people. To be sure of domination¸ he lacks only the One Ring¸ the master ring¸ the artifact that forms the very foundation of his power¸ but cut from his hand long ago.

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