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Produkttyp: Grundregeln ¸ Softcover für [Pokethulhu]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Dork Storm Press [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2001

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PokeTHULHU - The Roleplaying Game ist das Ulk-Game für alle¸ die mal gerne 'I choose YOU¸ Pikathulhu!' sagen möchten (Dork Storm Press). Pokéthulhu ist ein Fantasy-Rollenspiel frei nach der Comic-Serie¸ bei dem die bekannten Charaktere mit dem mystisch-finsteren Hintergrund des Mythos vermengt (um nicht zu sagen verbraten) wurden.

I choose YOU¸ Pikathulhu!
It's an endless summer vacation in the land of the dead. The Pokéthulhu - adorable eldritch monsters from the icy depths of space - run wild in the swamps¸ the forest¸ and even the cobwebs and sagging gambrel roofs of the fishing village that you call home.

Pokéthulhu is a fantasy adventure game based on the popular cartoon show of the same name. Ever wonder what happens when Jigglypolyp goes head to 'pod with Dagong? Want to solve the mystery of why cute girls named Librarian Lumli work in every Cult Library - and why they always look the same? You've thrilled to the adventures of Randy Carter¸ Sonia¸ Titus and their friends¸ from Randy's first Elder Badge to the threat of Thutwo in Pokéthulhu: The Movie. But now¸ armed with your very own Shining Dodecahedron and Pokénomicon¸ you can quest for the Nameless City and do battle with the forces of Team Eibon! YOU become a Pokéthulhu Cultist¸ collecting and training a 'thulhu of your very own!

From the warped minds of S. John Ross¸ Phil Reed and John Kovalic comes Dork Storm Press' first foray into adventure gaming -- PokeTHULHU¸ the Roleplaying game. Fast¸ furious and more fun than a screaming yellow electric rat in a blender¸ the stars are right for this hilarious game of cute¸ cuddly cultists!

Pretty much anything and combining it with the Cthulhu mythos can be an amusing exercise: PokeTHULHU is no exception. Basically it is a simple RPG that lampoons Pokemon and Call of Cthulhu; You play a kid who traps a creature from the mythos and then uses that pure evil to have it duke it out against other fell creatures. The system itself is easy and explaining it would compete with it in word count. J But the premise is you have a school aged kid unleashing ultimate evil in a goofy gladiatorial game premise. There are a few skills wrapped around the character¸ and a surprisingly thoughtful and workable points system in place to flesh out the statistics and skills. You have a point total to spend¸ you decide what your PC is good at. The setting is a simple one¸ an endless summer vacation in the land of the dead¸ based off the fictional show by the same name: PokeTHULHU. The PokeTHULHU book itself is in a comic format and was made with solid production values. The art while sporadic is a funny Pokemon anime infused with the pure evil of Cthulhu. There is little wasted space in the book and for the page count you get a fair amount of information. For what you get the price is a little steep¸ $5.95 for a 32 page book¸ but the humor value does tip in the game's favor. It is a book clearly geared towards gamers who are into Call of Cthulhu. PokeTHULHU is a funny little game¸ that firmly has the tongue pressed against the cheek. The humor and effort put into this small RPG shines¸ but clearly this leans more towards a vanity game rather than a playable one. If you are into Call of Cthulhu¸ you will find PokeTHULHU a great parody and a great addition to your bookshelf. If you are into Pokemon you are probably too young to appreciate PokeTHULHU or know the delightful wickedness of Call of Cthulhu.

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