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The Jovian Chronicles is a complete science fiction universe for the Silhouette(tm) roleplaying game system. Inspired by classic science fiction stories and giant robot animations¸ this book will take the players beyond the confines of planet Earth to discover a solar system on the brink of war. Along the way¸ they will interact with a rich cast of characters¸ visit exotic locales and possibly alter the destiny of the Jovian Confederation¸ if not the human race! Other than players¸ six-sided dice¸ paper and pencils¸ all that you need to play can be found in this book. In addition to the Chronicles" historical¸ political and scientific background¸ it contains the Silhouette game rules for character generation¸ character action and vehicle combat that support the campaign. The book also contains pre-generated characters and vehicles¸ all ready to use in a roleplaying campaign. Get ready to enter the twenty-third century and step into the world of the Jovian Chronicles. Are you up to the challenge?

Rules and background material for Jovian Chronicles.

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