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Heavy Gear Rulebook (2nd Ed.)

Produkttyp: Grundregeln ¸ Buch für [Heavy Gear]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Dream Pod 9 [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1995/1997/2000/2002

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Hardcover Step into a whole universe¸ with Heavy Gear¸ the new generation of giant robot game. This book contains everything you need to play the roleplaying¸ the tactical and the miniature game. Highlights include: The simple and elegant Silhouette game engine¸ a highly acclaimed system that uses the classic 6-sided dice. It is the heart of both the tactical and the roleplaying games. Complete roleplaying rules¸ a detailed world background¸ and a rich setting: the socially explosive Badland city of Peace River¸ home of Paxton Arms¸ the planet"s largest weapons manufacturer. Extensive guidelines for campaigning on Terra Nova are included as well as scenario generators that can be used to jumpstart any campaign. Complete tactical rules and guidelines for campaigns¸ and scenario generators for quick pick-up games. Rules to use the tactical system as a hexless miniature tabletop system. The tactical rules cover all aspect of the modern battlefield¸ from infantry to the giant striders that dominate the battlefield¸ and including tanks¸ Gears and artillery 20 illustrated archetypes¸ to help fire Player"s and Gamemaster"s imagination. Fully illustrated¸ detailed descriptions and game stats for 8 Gears and 2 striders.

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