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Dej Sem Mozek! (engl.)

Produkttyp: Spiel für [Gesellschaftsspiele]

Sprache: -

Verlag: Cheapass Games

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Milan Spiele
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Work sucks. And now it sucks in Czech.Yes¸ contrary to all logic¸ the first Cheapass Game to be translated into a foreign language happens to be Give Me The Brain¸ and that language happens to be Czech.We can´t really explain it. But we´re willing to roll with it.Dej sem mozek! Ten chlap má pistoli!Game Synopsis: Give Me The Brain is a hilarious card game set at Friedey´s¸ the fast food restaurant of the damned. The object is simple: play out your hand. The problem is¸ a lot of the cards require a Brain¸ and you´ve only got one to pass around. Illustrated by Brian Snoddy.In the Czech edition¸ we´ve made sure to be inclusive. So¸ even if you don´t speak the language¸ you can still have a whale of a time playing with the Czech edition cards. There´s even a Czech-English cheat sheet that tells you what all the cards do. What´s the hitch? You can only look at the cheat sheet if you´ve got the Brain.

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