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In the Shadows

Produkttyp: Abenteuer ¸ Softcover für [Deathstalkers]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Cutters Guild [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2002

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It all begins when you find a posting looking for brave adventurers to undertake a special quest. Following up with this posting¸ you head out on your way¸ taking a long and winding road that leads you into the bowels of a wolf-infested forest teeming with evil. People say the woods are haunted¸ or that some terrible beast lurks in its depths. But brave them you must. And tragedy will befall your group before you get out of the woods and you'll soon find yourself in bigger trouble. But even when you make it to town not all will go as planned.
There is something wicked stirring in the small city of Eaglethorn¸ and the secrets lie hidden in a tall and darkened mansion. But there may be no time to investigate if you're slow¸ because you still have a bigger quest to undertake - and you still have to find out where the mysterious Lady Miu hides out. If you can find her¸ you'll get the details of your quest - as well as your pay. But what she tells you¸ you might not want to hear. For you'll end up climbing to the peaks of the mountains where North Cave lies¸ haunted and abandoned¸ and the road is fraught with dangers. If you make it to North Cave¸ you'll have to find your way to the end¸ all the while being hunted by some type of gruesome beast. Surviving that¸ you'll have to open the doors to the ancient tombs - and inside this wretched place worse things await you in the dark.
In the Shadows is the first adventure written specifically for the Deathstalkers Fantasy-Horror Role-Playing Game¸ however it can be modified for use with any fantasy setting to give your players the thrills¸ chills and excitement they seek! Players will have to solve riddles and find clues¸ meet strange people and brave daring places. This campaign-caliber adventure will take the players down dark roads and evil forests; into the heart of a city corrupted by evil and beneath its cemetery. They'll explore a haunted cabin and sneak around a dark mansion. They'll climb mountains and brave caves¸ fight monsters and solve riddles within a tomb of ancient evil. And while designed for new characters¸ In the Shadows will even take seasoned adventurers on a ride they'll never forget!

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