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Give me the Brain!

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Cheapass Games [HP] Cheapass Games

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Attention¸ Zombies: After far too long a wait¸ the color edition of Give Me The Brain is finally here. It´s more spectacularly beautiful than you can possibly imagine¸ with full color cards¸ fifteen new bid cards by Brian Snoddy¸ and a bunch of new goodies like the Dog Brain¸ the Mop¸ and the Piece of String. Come back to Friedey´s and see how Cheapass Games made the best card game of 1997 even better.Welcome to Friedey´s¸ the Fast Food Restraunt of the Damned. You and your Zombie co-workers have a lot of work to do¸ and there´s only one Brain to pass around.But don´t let that bother you too much.Working here doesn´t usually require it.Game Synopsis: Give Me The Brain is a hilarious card game set at Friedey´s¸ the fast food restaurant of the damned. The object is simple: play out your hand. The problem is¸ a lot of the cards require a Brain¸ and you´ve only got one to pass around. Illustrated by Brian Snoddy.FAQ: What´s with Sharing is Caring? Can I play this without the Brain?People are confused by the text on Sharing is Caring¸ a card that requires the Brain¸ but has a provision telling you what to do if you don´t have it.The fact is that because of cards like Rat Brain¸ Dog Brain¸ and Orders from the Boss¸ it´s sometimes possible to play any Brain card when you don´t have the Brain. The only thing that sets Sharing is Caring apart is that it actually refers to the position of the Brain¸ so we decided to tell you what to do when you don´t have it. This doesn´t mean it´s any easier to play than the other Brain cards.

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