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Girl Genius: The Works

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Girl Genius: The Works is the companion card game by James Ernest Games. The Works contains a 108-card deck in glorious full color.Game Synopsis: The players are tinkering with a big machine made of all the characters and machines in the world. The machine is a board made of twelve cards¸ and players take turns flipping and spinning these cards trying to fix the machine. When you make the right moves you ´´pop´´ pieces out of the machine and keep them¸ and you might even cause a chain reaction that pops several more pieces at once.Girl Genius: The Works is one of James Ernest´s personal favorites¸ because of its exceptional strategic options (despite its apparent randomness) and all the art he painstakingly colored. Plus¸ it was nominated for two Origins Awards in 2001: Best Abstract Card Game and Best Graphic Presentation of a Card Game. Why¸ the only thing better would have been to actually win.

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