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Fight City

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Verlag: Cheapass Games [HP] Cheapass Games

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One city. Three families. The thousand battles.This is Fight City¸ an intense strategic card game about the struggle for money and power in a modern anarchy called Fight City.Each deck contains all the Fighters¸ Locations¸ and Weapons one player needs to wage way for control of the city.Doesn´t that sound fun?Game Synopsis: In this strategy card game¸ you play a vicious thug commanding dozens of the world?s least respectable characters¸ struggling to drive your arch-colleagues our of ?business.? You start the game with ten dollars¸ which you can spend to bring Locations¸ Fighters¸ and Weapons into play. You can attack your opponent?s Fighters¸ or you can attack his Bank directly. The first player to run out of money loses.Fight City was originally sold as two separate decks¸ the Power and Fear decks. This boxed edition contains both original decks and an updated rule booklet. Fight City was nominated for an Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game of 1999. It?s filled with brilliant art by Brian Snoddy¸ complex strategy¸ and the elegant game mechanics you expect from designer James Ernest.Errata: In the deck list for Deck A¸ it says there should be one Sylvester card in the deck. That is incorrect. Sylvester is not in Deck A. Gail Stanton is¸ however and should be the one listed there.

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