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Witch Trial

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Verlag: Cheapass Games [HP] Cheapass Games

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Milan Spiele
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It is a dark time in American history. Society has chosen to rid itself of the influence of ´´witches¸´´ i.e.¸ unmarried women¸ free thinkers¸ vegetarians¸ the homeless¸ and other undesirables.In Witch Trial¸ you play an attorney at a prestigious law firm. You will act as prosecutor or defender in several cases involving unsavory characters mentioned above. While witchcraft per se isn´t really a crime¸ it´s customary to bring suspects into court on related offenses¸ such as Card Playing¸ Smoking¸ and Tampering with the Post.There´s no burning-at-the-stake in this game¸ for two reasons. First¸ once the case is out of the courtroom you don´t really care what happens. But more important¸ you don´t normally burn witches at the stake. You press them to death with stones.This game requires lawyer-like reflexes¸ a little bit of luck¸ and the willingness to plea bargain when you know you can´t win.

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