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Sudoku Tactics

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Sudoku Tactics is the Blue Panther game by Michael Marcus. Available now online and in stores in October 2008. Sudoku is a number puzzle. Sudoku Tactics use the rules of Sudoku to create an instantly understandable and enjoyable experience for all ages. Each turn you will choose between one and five tiles and place them on the board¸ following the rules of Sudoku (can't have the same number in the same row¸ column or 3x3 box). If the next player cannot place their tiles¸ you have created a Sudoku Jam and score a point. All tiles with that number are cleared from the board and the challenge begins anew. Will you be cautious and choose one tile per turn or will you be more adventurous and take up to five¸ risking a Sudoku Jam? Can also be used as an accessory to solve your favorite Sudoku puzzles in style.

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