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Furry Pirates: Swashbuckling in the Furry Age of Piracy

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Verlag: Atlas Games [HP]

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Seek fame and fortune with the wind in your fur and your mates at your side. Fight your way through the acrid smoke of flame-belching cannon to claim the glittering treasures of the Indies. Wealth¸ adventure¸ freedom¸ and romance await in the deep blue waters of Furry Pirates! Lions and Tigers and Bears!Detailed character creation rules let you portray any Furry Sapiens¸ including (but definitely not limited to) bears¸ birds¸ dogs¸ rats¸ bats¸ cats¸ lions¸ hares¸ weasels¸ wolves¸ minks¸ shrews¸ beavers¸ lemurs¸ lizards¸ squirrels¸ gazelles¸ horses¸ racoons¸ and even kangaroos! L"état¸ c"est moi!Complete background of the Furry World"s Golden Age of Piracy including Europe¸ the Americas¸ the Caribbean¸ Darkest Africa¸ the Far East¸ and¸ of course¸ the High Seas! Prepare to Die!Complete rules for melee combat on decks awash with blood¸ battles between ships-of-the-line on rocky shoals¸ and magickal rituals cast by secretive members of unknown cabals! Furry Pirates is a complete swashbuckling roleplaying game.

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