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Okko - Era of the Asagiri

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Verlag: Asmodee [HP]

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In this period of upheaval¸ commonly called the Era of the Asagiri¸ or Era of Mist¸ the Empire is torn apart by a civil war.Far from the battlefields¸ Okko¸ the masterless ronin¸ leading a small band of Demon Hunters¸ wanders throughout the lands of the Empire. He is followed by Noburo¸ a strange red-masked giant¸ and by mercenaries met during his travels.The empire hides in its midst many mysterious secrets¸ and the small band of adventurers will have to make the most of their guile in order to avoid falling into the many traps laid by the Oni Warau and other Evil Creatures.Okko¸ Era of the Asagiri¸ is a tactical game for two players using beautifully illustrated modular game tiles¸ with a large number of characters¸ cards and dice.Thanks to simple rules¸ you will be able to lead a group of Demon Hunter or control a clan of Evil Creatures.Gather you band¸ recuit mercenaries¸ choose your equipment and be a skilled tactician¸ for at the end of combat¸ there will be only one winner!

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