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The wicked witches Way

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Asmodee [HP]

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Welcome to The Sorcerer´s first Grand Prix! Sometimes¸ if the night is clear and you look to the sky you will be able to see strange objects zig-zagging between the stars. They are neither shooting stars¸ meteors¸ nor flying saucers! You are fortunate¸ for you have just witnessed a race between witches on their flying brooms! Wicked Witches Way! is a board game which will put you in command of a flying witch´om that will have to be controlled with daring and mastery. Your goal? Win the race by passing the finish line first! Spot the dice¸ recreate the proper formula and advance? But don´t forget that two kinds of combinations are possible¸ depending on the color: orange¸ and its turbo mode¸ or black¸ with its special cards filled with spells and sneaky tricks! The choice is yours! Memory¸ audacity¸ and cunning will be your best assets to take the victory!

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