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Big Top

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Verlag: APE Games

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Anathema Fear. Paranoia. Hysteria. These were commonplace in Salem Massachusetts during the year 1692. To be sure¸ white magic had been practiced in this sleepy community before now - charms to help the crops grow¸ potions to heal the ailing. But when some young girls became mysteriously ill and began ranting about witches¸ the village became alarmed. Was the Devil in Salem? Anathema (which means ´curse´ or ´cursed one´) is a card game based on the fast-paced classic card game Casino. Players capture face-up cards on the table with cards from their hands by matching point values. While the rules are simple¸ your subtle strategies can make the difference between winning and becoming Anathema. News and ReviewsBoardGameGeek EntryClick to see a full-sized cardIncludes 52 full-color cards ´´Once¸ her tormenters pulled her up to the ceiling of the chamber and held her there before a very numerous company of spectators who found it as much as they could all do to pull her down again.´´ Increase Mather on Margaret Rule´s case In addition to great gameplay and stunning art¸ players will also get a glimpse into the true history of the Salem Witch Trials. Flavor text on cards is taken from the trial transcripts and other documents about the events surrounding one of the most bizarre events in our history.

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