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Verlag: Agents of Gaming [HP]

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Third in the series¸ Number Three includes tons of rules¸ background and scenarios for more of your favorites from the Babylon 5 Wars universe! Included: new construction Earth Alliance ships (Warlock Advanced Destroyer¸ Cronos Attack Frigate¸ Delphi Advanced Scout¸ and Apollo Bombardment Cruiser)¸ the Streib Collectors (an alien race bent on capturing and studying others)¸ the Protectorate War (fought between the Minbari Protectorate and an aggressive Raider faction called the Imperial Star Legion)¸ and the Kirishiac Lords (more ships and background for everyone"s favorite Ancient race from the Shadow War supplement). Also included: the complete ELINT and Skin Dancing rules and a list of all changes and updates from the Rules Compendium and Ships of the Fleet! Yes¸ it"s another fantastic supplement you can"t do without!

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