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Car Wars Tanks: Military Vehicles for the Battlefields of the Future

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1990

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Huge. Invulnerable. Invincible. Awesome. A moving mountain of metal and firepower¸ untouchable and unstoppable. This is an armored fighting vehicle on the move. Like the Juggernaut of old¸ the AFV crushes all in its path.
Car Wars Tanks provides complete rules for these vastly potent war machines. Build any kind of AFV¸ from humble mini-personnel carriers to giant hundred-ton super tanks. Weapons and armor too massive for simple cars and trucks make these plated horrors more than a match for anything in any arena. Tanks are the true rulers of the road - and anywhere else!
The military battlefield is incredibly lethal and complex. Infantry equipment¸ hidden movement and spotting¸ electronic warfare and artillery rules portray a battlefield where the average Car Wars car has a lifespan measured in seconds. Only the mighty survive - Tanks.
Car Wars Tanks is a supplement to Car Wars¸ You must have the Car Wars rules to play.
CONTENTS: Rule booklet * 2 battle maps * sheet of counters.

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