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Everyday Life In...: Regency and Victorian England: From 1811-1901

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2007

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While interesting and entertaining¸ this should not be considered a definitive guide to daily life in Regency and Victorian England. Kristine Hughes does a good job of giving the reader examples of historical writings on subjects such as etiquette and dress. Nevertheless¸ these few anacdotal resources do not constitute authoritative evidence that this is actually how people behaved in their everyday life. Just as a modern etiquette book reflects an idealized view of modern life rather than an accurate picture of how we really live¸ these original sources do not necessarily reflect the real lifestyles of the times. So long as you keep this caveat in mind¸ you will find this a very entertaining and readable book. The scope is extensive - everything from household appliances to travel to the various social institutions. There are many topics that will peak your interest¸ but consider this to be just the starting point for your research. ...from Amazon user seattleatty

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