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Worlds of Wonder: How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy

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While both science fiction and fantasy evoke a sense of wonder in the audience¸ says David Gerrold in Worlds of Wonder¸ science fiction is about whats possible¸ while fantasy is about whats not. Writing for both these genres is a lot like playing with a set of Lego bricks¸ Gerrold says: youre creating your own world¸ but you have to work within a logical framework. Like other forms of storytelling¸ says Gerrold (best known for his Trouble with Tribbles Star Trek episode)¸ science fiction and fantasy rely on mysterious first sentences¸ effective exits¸ and surprises in every sentence in between. The difference is that your characters inhabit whole worlds of your own making¸ worlds that may be marvelous and surprising to the reader¸ but must remain ordinary to the storys characters. To carry this off¸ says Gerrold¸ you have to write each moment--no matter how improbable--as if you lived it yourself.

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