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Elder Secrets of Glorantha

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Avalon Hill [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1989

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The year is 1623 S.T...
SINCE THE CREATION OF GLORANTHA¸ many ancient mysteries have lurked in the heart of the world¸ hidden from all but the most daring. For more than 16 centuries the bravest adventurer-sages have sought these elder secrets¸ Now you hold the sum of their knowledge in your hands. Such knowledge is dangerous! Elder Secrets of Glorantha is a compendium of Gloranthan lore covering all the most requested information on this magical world¸ especially concerning the Elder Races.
The SECRETS BOOK includes: Monsters and Terrors (such as the Crimson Bat)¸ including complete statistics; Unique Mysteries of Glorantha (such as the Egg of Erangalos Karastomabor); Secrets of Dragonkind; full rules and coverage of Magical Crystals and Metals; Inaccessible Lands (such-as Wongarissi¸ land of the feared slarges); Sky of Glorantha (all important heavenly bodies); Secrets of Gloranthan Weather; Hero Questing.
The ELDER RACES BOOK covers the important Elder Races¸ including Aldryami (elves to the uninitiated)¸ Mostali (dwarfs)¸ Uz (trolls)¸ Broos¸ Ogres¸ Jelmre¸ Tusk Riders¸ and many more¸ as well as complete character generation and Previous Experience New RuneQuest religions¸ such as Cacodemon and the Cult of the Bloody Tusk¸ are described. Importantly¸ this book includes 25+ scenario outlines¸ one or more for each Elder Race. Finally¸ a detailed MULTI-COLORED MAP shows exact locations for major Elder Races.

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