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Land of Ninja

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Avalon Hill [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1987

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The year is 1100 AD...
You are brave samurai - skilled warriors in the employ of Lord Uesigi Toshimichi¸ You escort his nephew¸ Tametaka¸ on a diplomatic mission into unfriendly Suruga province¸ Controlled by the powerful ShikI clan¸ Lord Uesigis foes have long disputed his control of Totomi province.
After several days¸ while awaiting the return of Tamataka from a meeting with the Shiki lord¸ you awaken to a soft crash issuing from nearby bushes. A quick search reveals the body of a comrade¸ one of the Uesigi samurai dead of terrible wounds¸ fn his outstretched hand¸ scrawled in his own blood¸ are blurred characters on a strip of paper: Treachery. . . Tametaka slain . ¸ . troops . . . Shiki. . .
You have failed to protect Lord Uesigis nephew. This is a terrible disgrace and a stain upon your honor. You must decide upon a course of action to clear your name.
* Will you attempt to avenge him? Anyone making such an attempt should be wished better karma in the next life¸ because a dozen men storming a castle is suicide.
* Do you commit seppuku to atone for the failure? This course expiates your breach of loyalty¸ but of itself is another breach of loyalty to Lord Uesigi.
* Do you choose the wisest course - warning Lord Uesigi of the Shiki treachery? You must escape the hostile territory and travel back to Uesigis castle. Even if you succeed¸ you may still have to commit seppuku to atone for the death of the nephew.
Land of Ninja is a RuneQuest supplement set on Earth. The gamemaster can choose to introduce only historical elements into his Ninja campaign or he can add the gods¸ spirits¸ and monsters from Japanese legend to create a fascinating blend of history and myth.
Land of Ninja Includes:
* Players Book - character generation notes¸ pronunciations¸ names¸ occupations¸ new skills¸ Japanese ships¸ notes on Nihon¸ Samurai society¸ Ninja¸ personal virtues¸ elements of Bushido¸ Honor¸ the obligations of Giri¸ social structure¸ Irving conditions/ customs¸ Japanese religion and magic¸ glossary.
* Gamemasters Book - the Nihonese world¸ an adventuring history¸ Ki skills¸ notes on civilization¸ creatures¸ comprehensive reference list.
* Scenarios Book - planning a campaign¸ suggested campaign¸ The Hatamotos Illness.
* Play Aids - map of Nihon¸ master Nihon character sheet¸ ship plans.

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