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Glorantha: Genertela¸ Crucible of the Hero Wars

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1988

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ALL ACROSS THE VAST CONTINENT OF GENERTELA¸ prophets¸ priests and madmen speak of imminent war¸ of a new and cataclysmic conflict that will inflame all the lands and threaten all established powers. The leaders in this coming series of wars will be heroes and even demigods¸ bearing awesome and terrifying magic from beyond the earthly plane. Already the first events of the Hero Wars have come to pass in such lands as Maniria¸ where the once proud Holy Country has been defeated in battle¸ its lands and cities isolated or conquered¸ and its leader¸ the Pharaoh¸ lost to the knowledge of men.
In villages¸ forts and cities of every land in Genertela¸ brave men and women are preparing themselves for war¸ and questing for magic to aid in their survival should the prophesied conflicts ensue. This supplement provides a complete background for campaigns set in the first phase of the Hero Wars of Glorantha. All the lands of Genertela are examined¸ and current events and personalities of importance to the Hero Wars are outlined.
* Glorantha Book: An overview of the most important aspects of the world of Glorantha. The Editors Introduction takes a look at such points as daily life in Glorantha¸ and the adventurers role in this world. The Six Worlds of Glorantha discusses the God Plane and Hero Plane of Glorantha as well as the Inner World where adventures normally occur. The History of Glorantha chapter is the centerpiece of the book¸ giving a complete history of the world since time began. Also given is an overview of the ways different Gloranthan cultures measure time¸ and a comprehensive listing of Gloranthan languages.
* Genertela Book: A survey of the ten most important areas of the continent of Genertela. Topics covered for each of these areas include Culture¸ Language¸ Military Power¸ Government. History¸ People of Importance¸ Places of Interest¸ Regional Events¸ Population Size and Distribution¸ and Hero Wars-related Prophecies¸ Events and Personalities. Numerous boxed sections focus on subjects of special interest in the region.
* Players Book for Genertela: This book is in two parts. The first part presents extensive information on the lives and societies of the four most popular player character cultures. This section gives one of the most detailed and comprehensive looks at the cultures of player characters that has ever been published for a roleplaying game. The second part of the book offers character generation for each region of the continent of Genertela¸ including nearby islands.
* Map of Genertela: This large¸ three-color continental map is suitable for use both by players and gamemasters¸ and shows all points of major importance¸ including major cities¸ important kingdoms or regions¸ topography (shown in detail)¸ and many other features.

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