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Metamorphosis Alpha 25th-Anniversary Edition

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2003

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The Future isn’t in your future.... In the vastness of outer space a science ship rams into something that has been left undetected for 99¸000 years. The players try to survive while chaos attacks their ruined ship from all sides.
Using an all-new 3d6 system of play¸ players and game masters will be quickly and easily setting up and playing quickly. Character generation is not a one-time event in Metamorphosis Alpha¸ and players evolve their characters as the game develops. The dangers that you face today may be quite different in a very short time.
This is an all-new 3rd Edition of the very first science fiction role-playing game. First published 25 years ago¸ this game has been updated and reworked for today’s sophisticated gamer. Designed by the award-winning James M. Ward. By Fast Forward Games.

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