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State of the Nations 3: State of the Nations

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Buch für [Diomin]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: OtherWorld Creations [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2002

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The Zeredite Monarchy is the oldest uninterrupted line of succession in the whole of Diomin. The Zeredite Kingdom is the largest¸ most populous¸ and most organized nation on the continent¸ and this is a point of pride for many of the Zeredite people. The Zeredites are proud of the durability and longevity of their nation¸ and the will go to great lengths to defend the honor of the Fatherland.

Strength. Honor. Loyalty. Duty. These are all at the heart of what it is to be a true Child of Zered. Anything less proves weakness and unworthiness.

And yet.from this came Tiras¸ traitor to the old ways of his forefathers. It was he who stole the sacred sword Kammerath and fled northward with his followers. It was this rebel¸ this upstart¸ who dared to found a city then a nation which now bears his name. Now it is the Tirasim whose forms of government¸ of waging war¸ of rapid expansion¸ and of treating all people equally now threaten their older ancestor and neighbor.

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